Thursday, July 20, 2006

Opening Act

What better way to brake into the "Bloggersphere" than to promote the work of friends and self. The perfect christening for this mysterious new engender I call "my Blog" . . . well, here goes.

These frames are part of my illustrated tale "Silent Echoes", included in the "Out Of Picture" anthology. A collaboration of 11 Animation Industry artists. An Incredible honor to share this book with them.

¡ Feliz Cumpleaños Andrés. Feliz Aniversario padres !


Michael Knapp said...

Dan! Welcome to the internets!!!

We probably owe Al Gore some spare change or something.

This will make a lot of people happy.
- MK

Andrea Blasich said...

Grate work as usual!
I'll see you in San Diego.

Alexandra Boiger Illustration said...

Beautiful Dani!
I love your style.

williereal said...

the flow in your visuals is looked a bit busy at first glance but once "inside"...i get carried like a spec in the wind.

Yancy Street said...

Congratulations Daniel!

Glad to see you are finally up and running...
Now we get to see new stuff from you...Daily? :)

Rock on buddy,


Saigonradio said...

Wow Dan showing his work on the net? No way. Glad you finally got a blog, because I know alot of people were dying to see your work. Always blown away. Added you to my link right away when I saw the new OOP site. Well can't wait to see more. I'll be checking evey other day.

Francesc Celi di Borgia said...


Deseo que tu carrera de éxitos continúe ascendiendo.
Esperamos ver pronto la edición del OUT OF PICTURE y muchos más en Castellano.
Un fuerte abrazo de tu amigo,

Francesc Antoni Celi di Borgia
Duque de Valentinois.

Tom said...

YES! I am so glad you have a blog. I was stunned by your story in Out of Picture and now I am pumped to see more of your work here on a regular basis.

Congrats on the blog, looking foward to seeing more work!

Checkmark said...

Wow, awesome stuff here. I really like the soldier-y fellow. His hand is amazing.

raul said...


i saw the picture of the guy with the gun mounths ago, and i was looking for your blog for ages!!!
now i found it!!!
it goes directly to favorites
so please, put more pictures man!!!!
thanks a lot!!!!!

i gonna put the blog of the master of the masters
enjoy it!!

Henning Ahlers said...

Yeah, saw it printed on bad paper in a diamond-order-catalogue.
good to see it in full quality and I hope,
I can find a copy of your "out of picture"
book anywhere here in europe soon

Clayton Stillwell said...

Nice Work Daniel! I enjoy your style

Weberson Santiago said...

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Yezid Pardo Silva said...

Me alegra mucho que todo vaya tan bien.
Un abrazo fuerte y muchas felicidades.

karim Qabrawi said...

Cool art is.....5tars...;D

Joseph Sapulich said...

Great work, Daniel! Awesome blog.

hyut515 said...


Line Illustrations said...

Beautiful ! I love your characters =)

Neyth Buitrago said...

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